I think the Subverts were huge influence on all 3 of us in Ring 13. Steve Ross gave Scott his first bass which he learned how to play and used it his whole time in ring 13. As well as Steve singing for us whenI though I no longer could sing those songs, good job Steve! Steve got us the gig with Articles of Faith(after Blatant Dissent couldn't do the gig) flyer attached Brian Green- was just a super nice guy whom I believe came to see us play at the No Nukes Festival in Dekalb...we played the Subverts Radiation Nation that day.
Greg Cress- a great guy and a guitar influence on us all, especially on my guitar playing at the time, as important as Johnny Ramone and Ross the boss for me.
Mike Crown- another Subvert who kept Ring 13 going after Dan left for a wrestling scholarship in Nebraska. Mike and Dan are totally differenct as far as styles are concerned, but both great drummers. We used to rehearse at Mike's house and one day after the Replacements played at 3 in the afternoon in Dekalb, Paul came to Mike's house where Ring 13 where playing...I'm sure Paul had no clue who we were...dope anyone? No a dis on Paul, just think that is what he was looking for, but we as big fans were happy he was there, kind of like the Replacements opened for us...not really.

Brian Green- vocals
Mike Crown- drums
Greg Cress- guitar
Steve Ross-bass