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RING 13 ..... Thoughts and Ponderings by Scotty

Frustration: Whether you're's all one... big...frustration.

Andy Frain: After the 9/11 attacks, I think this ode to security personnel,
took on a new and deeper meaning.

No Laughing Matter: It's amazing what one can see in Dekalb, IL.....

Bargain Hunter: Not only a hummable roots-rock tune, but the sheer emotional
force of Bruce's vocal delivery says, to me, "Josh Groban"

Apartment 25: The song would've been even more tragic if instead of the little boy seeing a man go pee, he would've seen the man commit sodomy.
That is why sodomy is illegal in many states of America.

Nothing New... Sure, there's worse things than national elections, like impotence.

Shadow: Dan takes the helm here. Fans accused us of selling out because they thought this was about the mainstream movie, "Groundhog Day". Unfortunatley, our fans didn't realize
that while Ring 13 did this song in '83 or '84, "Groundhog Day", the movie didn't come out until 1993.

Puff... We were naked and wearing our underwear on our heads while recording this.

Going Down: El Salvadore and Nicaragua...where are they now?

It's Quick... After twenty years it's still obvious: the government is trying to kill us, time.

It's Just Beautiful: Because no one wants to hear a song called "Crappy Day".

Indecision: I think we were at Dans', but maybe at Bruce's, when anyway, their Mom walks in and says, "Are you guys gonna play in the T.V. Room, or the basement?"

You May Be Right: A lot of bands don't do Billy Joel covers...I wonder why.

Paint My Dick: "Paint My Dick" is funny, but "Smell My Dick" is more offensive
and immediate